Branding Zarmos

When I first started thinking about the elements of this personal brand, I knew from the begining that it will be: a name + a symbol, both having to tell something about myself. It was the chosen way to encode some personal values inside this key branding element.

1) The name used for this new brand had to be rare and give a clue about my origins, so I went to the deepest level, in the roots of my ancestors. The old capital of ancient Romania (backthen Dacia), alias 'Sarmizegetusa', which I have visited few weeks before this brainstorming start, left a strong imprint in my memory. The energy and the spirituality of this mystical place, as well as the strength of this ancient military, religious and political center, convinced me that was the right place to search in. After reading a few books, I discovered that the etymology of the name of the capital, some historians say, was related to this ancient Thracian name - Zarmos, a name I had never heard of, before my research. Both underlined characteristics were met:
✔️ rare name
✔️ clue about my origins.

2) The symbol - the animal symbolism in Graphic Design is powerfull because we usually associate animals with some qualities and characteristics built through mytology, stories or their anatomy or their behaviour/abilities. Wolves are usually associated with feelings of intelligence, loyalty, freedom, friendship, togetherness, trust and communication. Dacian ancestors used wolfs icons on their battle flags and also have a cult for this animal.