100 – the interiors company

100 is a interiors fit-out company based in London, creating high quality finishes for contemporary interiors.

We created the brand strategy, name, brand and brand application for them, an abstract brand that is memorable and contemporary. The brand is mostly produced in blacks, greys and silver foils, which builds an elegant and clean image of the company.

Garden is a London based branding company with strong experience with leading global brands spanning many years, a branding agency of note, we pride ourselves in being leaders in creating unique and individual brands.

One hundred are a specialist and highly competent interiors fit-out company based in London.

We branded them from the ground up, creating a single circle made up of 100 other circles, the concept of which uses the simplest and purest organic form, the circle, made up of lots of precise detail, completing the whole.

We provided:

Brand creation
Point of sale
Website design