Migration Museum

Migration Museum Project is a charitable organisation seeking to create Britain’s first museum of migration – an institution to celebrate the role migration has played in the national story.

Set up by a group of experienced professionals from immigration, human rights, museum, literary and artistic backgrounds, Garden was approached to help push this creative and thoughtful project forwards.

Owning a bold shape

The brand uses an iconic and stylised arrow with the latter ‘M’ reversed out of the shape. The bold shape is simple enough in itself to allow for a variable and bright colour palette to allow for fun and flexibility.

A brand based on the human challenge of migration

Garden completed the strategy, identity creation and implementation phases, applying the brand across touch-points such as stationery, leaflets, posters, website, edm and more.

The logo has been designed to represent positive movement and promote maximum recognition while allowing for flexible use of colour – a reflection of the true diversity and benefits migration brings to our culture.